Die U16 verliert ihr Heimspiel

u16buttonHier der Bericht von Coach Harold:

The U16 team of the Baskets Lüdenscheid experienced the fifth loss of the season against TV Hagen Haspe at home.

The abscence of Armin Vucenic (sick) was heavily felt this time around since Haspe presented a team full of very tall guys. Our concentration, defence and attack was not so convincing from the beginning of the game. We allowed Haspe to control most of the game and this accounted for the heavy loss.
The 2nd and 3rd quarters saw our team put up a good fight only to fall behind again in the 4th quarter. The Baskets were represented by: Marc Schindler, David Witkowski, Nils Weinreich, Anouar Bahri (14), Max Schombel, Muhamed Veliv (10), Petros Gkentsios (2), Ali Alani (5), Basilius Spindler (8) and Geist Felix.
1. Quarter – 3:15
2. Quarter – 16:15
3. Quarter 18:16
4. Quarter 2:20

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