Die U14 holt sich den 1. Saisonsieg

big_superDie U14 gewinnt ihr erstes Saisonspiel, hier der Bericht von Coach Harold:
A rewarding win!

The U14 team of the Baskets Lüdenscheid put up a splendid performance at home against their counterparts from TUS Iserlohn Kangaroos 2. The Kangaroos gave our team a tough fight especially in the second and third quarters of the game.
Our team, although missing a couple of shots, kept their composure and did a great job in defence. Bennet Voß came out as our top-man scoring 26 points. The other members of the team were: Ben Rabe (2), Cihan Ahmet Makal, Hakan Yildiz (6), Eyoueal Ashenafi (4), Marc Palnau (4), Lara Hellmann (11), Max Robert Weber and Henriette Hanfland.
1.Quarter – 14:8,
2. Quarter – 17:11,
3. Quarter – 9:15
4. Quarter – 13:8

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