U12: A well deserving win

u12_22022015-1The U12 team of the Baskets Lüdenscheid put up yet another splendid display today against Baskets Schwelm at home. Today’s extraordinary show could be considered as one of our best performances so far, taking in mind the fact that we lost against Schwelm in the first half of the season.

Motivated by the win last weekend in Dortmund, our team approached the game with a high level of determination and concentration. Maida, unfortunately felt sick after our warm up session and could not take part in the game. Nonetheless, our team played top defense and won a lot of 50-50 balls. Our attack became very difficult and impossible for Schwelm to handle due to the speed with which we executed it. Our top scorer, Lara Hellmann (50), led most of our counter-attacks earning most of her points through that.

1st Quarter – 33:13, 2nd Quarter – 61:28, 3rd Quarter – 79:37, 4th Quarter – 103:43

The following players represented our team: Ben Rabe (9), Berkant Keni (6), Nicola Poledro (3), Eyoueal Ashenafi (16), Jasin Rovcanin (5), Lara Hellmann (50), Henning Schwarz, Till Hafenrichter (5), Selin Arikan (2), Cedric Kosak (5) and Elias Jung (2)

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