Die U16 verliert gegen das Hasper Team

u16-vs-sv70Our U16 team launched another failed attempt today against one of the best teams in the league, Hagen Haspe. The Baskets were without Peter Neufeld and Basilius Spindler who could have added another dimension to our game if not for their ill health.

Unfortunately, we could not match up the force Haspe presented in the game today. Our players were unable to mount a lot of successful attacks mostly losing the ball in the build up. The performance in defence was also not the best. All in all, we lost our concentration in most parts of the game and this resulted in the heavy defeat (46:97).

1st Quarter – 10:29, 2nd Quarter – 17:47, 3rd Quarter – 33:74, 4th Quarter 46:97

The following players represented our team:
Felix Geist, Mark Schindler, Christoph Schmidt (15), Anouar Bahri (2), Max Schombel (4), Levin Göttle, Muhamed Veliv (3), Julian Kornau (9) and Georgios Moutafis (13)

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