Zu fünft gut geschlagen

bball_05The U14 team of the Baskets Lüdenscheid experienced yet another away defeat today playing against BG Hagen. The team was only able to present five players due to the fallout of Bennet Faust who got injured on friday.

The game therefore began with no substitute players on the bench of the Baskets. Our players easily lost concentration and the edge to keep on fighting since the five of them were too tired to keep on. We ended up  committing a lot of fouls .

The first quarter ended at 23:08, the second 40:19, the third 69:27 and the fourth 84:42 all in favour of BG Hagen. Petros Gkentsios made the most points for the Baskets scoring 12 points. Armin Mucevic and David Witkowski both scored 11 points. Santi Luca recorded 8 points whiles Daniel Schmelzer unfortunately could not score.

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