Die U14 verliert erwartungsgemäß

The U14 team of the Baskets Lüdenscheid played their last game of the first half of the season at home against SV Hagen-Haspe.  The Baskets began the first quarter on a good note attacking and defending well against one of the toughest teams in the league. The quarter ended with 13 points to 18 points in favour of Hagen-Haspe.

We lost concentration few minutes into the second quarter which resulted in our players committing petty mistakes allowing Hagen-Haspe to take control over the game. Bennet Faust and Armin Mucevic both got injured before  the second quarter ended. Bennet was not able to continue but Armin came in later on in the third quarter.
David Witkowski was the highest scorer for the baskets with 14points. Armin Mucevic managed to score 12 points despite his injury. Santi Luca scored 6 points whiles Petros Gkentsios  had 4 points. Daniel Schmelzer, Sami Er and Hellmann Lara all managed to make 2 points each.

The game ended with 42:114 in favour of Hagen Haspe.
1st Quarter – 13:18
2nd Quarter – 22:50
3rd Quarter – 31:74
4th Quarter – 42:114

Baskets Lüdenscheid – SV Hagen-Haspe 42:114

Bericht des SV Hagen-Haspe

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