6. Spieltag: Niederlagen für die U14 und U16

balue-herbst2014_19Sowohl die U14 als auch die U16 verlor das Heimspiel des 6. Spieltages. Hier die Spielberichte von Coach Harold:

U14 Baskets Lüdenscheid – Barmer TV 53:77

The U14 Baskets Luedenscheid team played today against Balmer TV at home. The game which progressed differently as expected was still not out of reach at the end of the first quarter. We scored 10 points out of the numerous attempts at making shots compared to Balmer’s 17 points. Bennet Faust scored 6 points out of the 10 we accumulated in the first quarter. We lost composure during the second half allowing Balmer TV the chance to dictate the pace of the game. The results at the end of the second quarter (22:44) took the wind totally out of our sail. The 3rd quarter saw the baskets inject a bit more energy into our fight to regain control over the game. We defended well and scored more points than we did in the first and second quarters. Armin Mucevic orchestrated a few more forward runs claiming 6 points out of that. The game ended with 53 points to 77 points for the Baskets and Balmer TV respectively.

All in all, David Witkowski scored the most points (16). Bennet Faust, Petros Gkentsios and Armin Mucevic all scored 10 points. Verena Arvanitakis scored 3 points whiles Santi Luca and Sami Er both made 2 points each. Our frequent lost of concentration as the game advanced led to our inferior performance today. All the same, we live to fight another day and as such, we are hopeful of a better game next time.

1st Quarter – 10:17
2nd Quarter – 22:44
3rd Quarter – 36:57
4th Quarter – 53:77

U16 Baskets Lüdenscheid – TSV Hagen 2 (43:77)

Today’s game highlighted a match up between the U16 team of Baskets Luedenscheid and their opponents from TSV Hagen. We wasted a lot of chances in offence and won less rebounds. TSV Hagen in effect made us pay dearly for our mistakes by winning every quarter. Exhaustion started setting in as our options on the bench were not enough to grant our players the necessary rest. As a result, we lost concentration and hence our defeat.

Peter Neufeld and Christoph Schmidt came in strong scoring 15 points each for the team. Basilius Spindler scored 7 points whereas Marc-Andre Schindler made 6 points. Felix Geist and Biyan Kut both did not manage to get their names on the score sheet.

1st Quarter – 20:33
2nd Quarter – 30:53
3rd Quarter – 35:59
4th Quarter – 43:77

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