Chancenlos in Kamp-Lintfort

DSC_0308Eine hohe Niederlage gab es für die U14 der Baskets in Kamp-Lintfort, wo auch das 2. Saisonspiel verloren ging. Hier der Bericht von Assistantcoach Harold Obeng-Yeboah, der das Team bei diesem Auswärtsspiel coachte:

The game began on time as planned. We had an issue with the referees because the player Identity cards of Armin Mucevic and Santi Luca had no stamps on them. They were initially ruled out of the game and this caused a bit of panic amongst the players. They were allowed to play after an interaction with the referees since Baskets Lüdenscheid had been penalised anyway.

The game began on a very slow note for the baskets since the players were a bit nervous. We easily lost the ball on attack and were slow on defence during the first two quarters. This resulted in the huge point difference. Our players started playing good defence after half-time and we took control of the third quarter and part of the fourth quarter. We won a lot of balls through defending and went on to counter attack. Schmelzer Daniel scored the highest points (7) with Witkowski David scoring 6 points. Arvanitakis Verena and Gkentsios Petros pulled 4 points each while Mucevic Armin and Hellmann Lara made 2 points each.

Generally, Daniel Schmelzer and Verena Arvanitakis had a good day contributing a lot to the total team output. They exhibited an improvement with respect to their individual performances in the last game.

BG Kamp-Lintfort – Baskets Lüdenscheid 85:25 (25:02, 25:06, 20:07, 15:10)

Für die Baskets Lüdenscheid spielten: Daniel (7), Lara (2), Sami (0), Verena (4), Petros (4), David (6), Santi (0), Armin (2)


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